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About us

We are based in Tromsø- The Arctic Capital, Paris of the North, centre of North Norway, 600 km north of the Arctic Circle – a bright oasis sheltered by high mountains, surrounded by two powerful straits, and the ocean as its neighbour to the west – powered by energy from the Gulf Stream, Northern Lights over a dark, snow covered landscape, and bright summer nights. We live and work in the region of contrasts – and we enjoy it!


Original Film is a company in constant development, with a vision to tell vibrant, universal stories from a local point of view, – in original ways. Our films will inspire, excite and create debate.


We produce films for all platforms, and have distributed to national, Nordic and international TV – and on DVD, DCP and VOD. Most of our productions are sold to Norwegian and foreign television stations, and have received national and international awards.


In addition, the company provides professional film services to the visiting producers shooting their films in North Norway. We work both as co-producer and service producer.


Our main resource is our employees’ extensive experience in film production. We initiate our own projects, consider others, develop and produce. Through an established network, locally, nationally and internationally, we ensure that the films reach a wide audience.


We are members of Norwegian Film & TV Producers’ Association and the European Documentary Network.



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